God's Secretary Of State Religion

God's Secretary Of State

By Rich Barlow

Francis is one of the world’s most formidable diplomats, flexing the Vatican’s foreign policy muscle in a way unseen for at least a generation.

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Thumbs Down On Facebook’s ‘Dislike’ Button Tech

Thumbs Down On Facebook’s ‘Dislike’ Button

By Ethan Gilsdorf

Facebook may finally be getting a button that lets you quickly express something beyond a “like.” Ethan Gilsdorf takes exception to the idea, and proposes something else entirely.

Rethinking The Bucket List Life

Rethinking The Bucket List

By Sandra A. Miller

There was a time when covering surface area of the earth was a goal, now I’m less interested in width than the depth that only comes from slowing down, breathing into the gaps, going deeper, deeper.