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I'm Cool With Yule Religion

I'm Cool With Yule

By Barbara Mende

I’m Jewish, and…I adore this season. I have fun opening cards that say “Merry Christmas” and seeing public Christmas trees that don’t have Hanukkah menorahs next to them. I love Christmas parties and secret Santas and caroling.

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Making Peace With Christmas Religion

Making Peace With Christmas

By Miriam Stein

What really makes me feel like I don’t belong are the official ways that Christmas is celebrated in our supposedly secular country. December 25 is a legal holiday. Many public offices feature wreaths and Santa Claus, symbols of the season.

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Democrats Cave On Deeply Flawed Spending Bill Politics

Democrats Cave On Deeply Flawed Spending Bill

By Eileen McNamara

The 1,603-page spending bill, crafted behind closed doors and passed on December 11, 2014, will reverse what little progress Democrats have made regulating avaricious bankers and reining in billionaire political contributors.

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Why I Am Ashamed To Be Irish Life

Why I Am Ashamed To Be Irish

By Aine Greaney

The corpses of nearly 800 children may have been buried in a mass grave beside a former orphanage. Another shameful chapter in our country’s history.

The Nature Of Worry Boston

The Nature Of Worry

By Sharon Brody

Worrying is folly. It represents a flailing effort to gain, or to pretend to gain, some power over the unpredictable comings and goings of life.

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