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Strangers When We Meet

By Aine Greaney

For this woman, our shared New England history wasn’t one. The melting pot had never really melted.

Memo To The Vatican: Get Real Religion

Memo To The Vatican: Get Real

By Eileen McNamara

By what measure of rational thought is a draft document that asks about homosexuals — and only asks — whether the Catholic Church is “capable of welcoming these people” a cause for celebration?

Long Island Viaduct, Long Ago Boston

Long Island Viaduct, Long Ago

By Steve Brown

The bridge was a metaphor for the connection we on the mainland had with those served by the programs on Long Island: It was shaky. It was tenuous. But at least it was there.

Untapped Potential: Autistic Adults Family

Untapped Potential: Autistic Adults

By Susan Senator

Cleaning up the shopping carts may not be your dream job, but for guys like my Nat, walking around in the fresh air, putting things away, and not having to talk to people is an ideal way for him to spend his time.

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Why I Am Ashamed To Be Irish Life

Why I Am Ashamed To Be Irish

By Aine Greaney

The corpses of nearly 800 children may have been buried in a mass grave beside a former orphanage. Another shameful chapter in our country’s history.

The Nature Of Worry Boston

The Nature Of Worry

By Sharon Brody

Worrying is folly. It represents a flailing effort to gain, or to pretend to gain, some power over the unpredictable comings and goings of life.

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