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Janna Malamud Smith

Janna Malamud Smith is a psychotherapist and writer. Her latest book is “An Absorbing Errand: How Artists and Craftsmen Make Their Way to Mastery.”

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The Dread Of Winter

By Janna Malamud Smith

As the days get shorter, New Englanders are haunted by memories of a brutal winter past.


The State Of Tsarnaev’s Soul

By Janna Malamud Smith

Is he unredeemable, or is he a person capable of awakening to the moral horror of what he did? Why are so desperate to understand?


Snow Got You Down? You Might Have 'The Flakes'

By Janna Malamud Smith

With The Flakes, depression doesn’t capture your condition. Quietly nuts, ice-brained, cork-screw bodied, and pretending to go through the motions … is closer.


A Bat In My Bedroom

By Janna Malamud Smith

What a late night intruder taught Janna Malamud Smith about rabies, insurance and the differences between her and her husband.