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E. M. Swift

E. M. Swift wrote for Sports Illustrated between 1978 and 2010, covering a wide range of sports but specializing in the Olympics. He is now a freelance writer living in Carlisle, Mass.

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The State Of U.S. Figure Skating

By E. M. Swift

Coming out of the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships and looking ahead to the Sochi Olympics, E.M. Swift takes stock of where things stand.

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The Best — And Worst — Sportsmen Of 2013

By E. M. Swift

Being a great sportsman isn’t just about success says E.M. Swift. It’s also about character. Here are his choices for the very best and very worst sportsmen of 2013.


When Nice Guys Finish First

By E. M. Swift

There isn’t much left in the sports world that can bring tears to my eyes, but Phil Mickelson’s British Open win on Sunday did the trick.

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Olympics 2012

NBC Is Missing The Gold

By E. M. Swift

Everybody loves the Olympics – so why don’t we get the exciting, imaginative television coverage these Games deserve?

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