The Temptation Of Tom Brady Football

The Temptation Of Tom Brady

By Steve Almond

“DeflateGate” is an archetypal Greek Drama, starring Tom Brady as the hero brought low by a power greater than himself.

Poem: Opening Day Red Sox

Poem: Opening Day

By Dick Flavin

The long snow-bound winter casts a dark pall … till one day an umpire hollers, “Play ball!”

Why Not The Yankees? Baseball

Why Not The Yankees?

By Chuck Tanowitz

It has now been determined: I’m a pox on the Sox. At least, I am when I buy the tickets.


Soundtrack Of The Diamond Family

Soundtrack Of The Diamond

By Sharon Brody

Just amble by a neighborhood ballpark on a muggy summer night. You’ll hear it: ritualized incantations of unwavering support. Together they create a chorus of positivity.

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