The Temptation Of Tom Brady Football

The Temptation Of Tom Brady

By Steve Almond

“DeflateGate” is an archetypal Greek Drama, starring Tom Brady as the hero brought low by a power greater than himself.

Poem: Opening Day Red Sox

Poem: Opening Day

By Dick Flavin

The long snow-bound winter casts a dark pall … till one day an umpire hollers, “Play ball!”

Why Not The Yankees? Baseball

Why Not The Yankees?

By Chuck Tanowitz

It has now been determined: I’m a pox on the Sox. At least, I am when I buy the tickets.

Some Thoughts On The Super Bowl Football

Some Thoughts On The Super Bowl

By Bill Littlefield

No matter which team you were supporting, no matter your politics, this was a gloriously overwrought, surprise-riddled entertainment bonanza.

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The Real Reason We Need The Olympics Olympics

The Real Reason We Need The Olympics

By Sharon Brody

Some supporters of Boston 2024 tout the economic benefits and the prestige. Sharon Brody has a more basic reason. Herewith, she flushes out her alternative rationale.


Soundtrack Of The Diamond Family

Soundtrack Of The Diamond

By Sharon Brody

Just amble by a neighborhood ballpark on a muggy summer night. You’ll hear it: ritualized incantations of unwavering support. Together they create a chorus of positivity.

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