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Israel Under Siege Middle East

Israel Under Siege

By Barry Shrage

No nation anywhere can be expected to tolerate assaults on its citizens, and Israel has every right to defend itself vigorously and decisively.

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Freedom Of Speech? Nyet Policy

Freedom Of Speech? Nyet

By Joshua Rubenstein

In Moscow, the trial against three young punk rockers looks more like the Soviet Union than the “new Russia.” Joshua Rubenstein on the Pussy Riot controversy.

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Public Naming Rights — And Wrongs MBTA

Public Naming Rights — And Wrongs

By Ed Fouhy

Next stop, SpaghettiO’s station? The cash-strapped MBTA is considering selling naming rights for 11 stations. Not so fast, says Ed Fouhy.

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SCOTUS Was Right On Citizens United Law

SCOTUS Was Right On Citizens United

By Wendy Kaminer

Of course corporations aren’t people. But Wendy Kaminer says like the individuals engaged in them, businesses require constitutional protection against abuses of government power.

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The Real Cost Of Drugs Law

The Real Cost Of Drugs

By Kerry Healey

Kerry Healey says it’s time for Americans to realize what our appetite for illegal drugs does to the individuals who are compelled — economically or at gun point — to produce, process and transport the illegal drugs we use.

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