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The Real Lesson Of The Monica Lewinsky Scandal Media

The Real Lesson Of The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

By Steve Almond

Monica Lewinsky has penned a new piece in Vanity Fair about her relationship with President Clinton. This has Steve Almond thinking about the use and abuse of the former White House intern — and what it says about us.

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Memories From The Lockdown Boston

Memories From The Lockdown

By Leah Hager Cohen

During the manhunt for the Marathon bombing suspects, people in and around Boston were told to “shelter in place.” Leah Hager Cohen recalls the strangeness of it all.


NBC Is Missing The Gold Olympics 2012

NBC Is Missing The Gold

By E. M. Swift

Everybody loves the Olympics – so why don’t we get the exciting, imaginative television coverage these Games deserve?

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Jonah Lehrer’s Fall — The How And Why Media

Jonah Lehrer’s Fall — The How And Why

By Tom Fiedler

Another young journalist whose byline will be forever linked to fabrication and plagiarism. From the pantheon of literary pop stars to the dungeon of fallen stars, Tom Fiedler looks at Jonah Lehrer’s lies.

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Our Characters, Ourselves Books

Our Characters, Ourselves

By Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman on why the development of “fictional” characters often tells us more about the writer — than the character.

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I Found It At The Movies Film/TV

I Found It At The Movies

By Aaron Beatty

TV is the new cinema — such is the prevailing sentiment of the time. But this casual acceptance of television’s coup-d’état as fact demands a little counter-programming.

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Fifty Shades Of Whatever Books

Fifty Shades Of Whatever

By Tom Perrotta

E.L. James’ runaway bestseller fails as a novel and as porn. But Tom Perrotta says in a funny way, this dual failure is probably also one of the secrets of the book’s outlandish success.

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