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Poem: Shelter In Place Boston

Poem: Shelter In Place

By Wendy Drexler

A few days after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured, poet Wendy Drexler walked the Watertown streets to look for the house with the boat where he’d been hiding.

Why Government Should Support The Arts Arts

Why Government Should Support The Arts

By Nick Paleologos

Artists are the most vulnerable and arguably the most essential members of any society. As cultural truth-tellers, they remind us of our common humanity.

Bad Reviews Are Good — And Here's Why Books

Bad Reviews Are Good — And Here's Why

By John Winters

A debate now raging in literary circles centers on the pros and cons of giving negative reviews — as if there is suddenly a moral dimension to pointing out plot holes and bad writing.

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Our Characters, Ourselves Books

Our Characters, Ourselves

By Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman on why the development of “fictional” characters often tells us more about the writer — than the character.

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Bricks To Brutalism To … Bland Architecture

Bricks To Brutalism To … Bland

By Renée Loth

Historic Boston was built of brick, a legacy that gave way in the ’60s to the so-called Brutalist style – and now to big, boring boxes. But, Renee Loth wonders, is there a better way?

I Found It At The Movies Film/TV

I Found It At The Movies

By Aaron Beatty

TV is the new cinema — such is the prevailing sentiment of the time. But this casual acceptance of television’s coup-d’état as fact demands a little counter-programming.

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Fifty Shades Of Whatever Books

Fifty Shades Of Whatever

By Tom Perrotta

E.L. James’ runaway bestseller fails as a novel and as porn. But Tom Perrotta says in a funny way, this dual failure is probably also one of the secrets of the book’s outlandish success.

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