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Kill The Oscars? Film/TV

Kill The Oscars?

By John Winters

Yes, the awards are out of step with the mainstream, but that’s good — and beside the point.

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The (Un)fortunate Timing Of ‘Unbroken’ Film/TV

The (Un)fortunate Timing Of ‘Unbroken’

By Sari Edelstein

It is difficult to swallow an easy binary between American freedom and totalitarian abuses when the film’s release occurred just weeks after the disclosure of the Senate report on CIA torture.


Can Boston Claim Canoodling? Language

Can Boston Claim Canoodling?

By Jan Freeman

Move over “gerrymander.” Step aside “scofflaw.” Our resident wordsmith investigates the claim that “canoodling” originated on the banks of the Charles River.

Beneath The Bondage, Harmful Effects Books

Beneath The Bondage, Harmful Effects

By Caryl Rivers

Thanks to the likes of Lady Gaga and “Fifty Shades of Grey,” S&M is making a comeback — but at what cost? Caryl Rivers examines the effects.

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When Everyone Has An Apothecary Table Style

When Everyone Has An Apothecary Table

By Cheryl Katz

Perhaps nothing is more revealing than the home we keep. The art, the books, even the dish towels we choose can be very telling. But, asks Cheryl Katz, what happens when everyone has exactly the same stuff?

Hollywood's Greatest Years Film/TV

Hollywood's Greatest Years

By Betsy Sherman

Morally ambiguous. Sharp witted. Absurdist. Surprising. And unpredictable. Before a crackdown in 1934, commentator Betsy Sherman says a frisky and creative energy reigned supreme in Tinseltown.

A Birthday Wish For Ray Bradbury Tribute

A Birthday Wish For Ray Bradbury

By Alice Hoffman

For many writers, Ray Bradbury was the spiritual father they always wished they’d had. Alice Hoffman pays tribute to the late author, who would have been 92 on Aug. 22.

The Curious Pleasure Of Peeving Language

The Curious Pleasure Of Peeving

By Jan Freeman

In her long career as an editor and language columnist, Jan Freeman says one question remains as baffling as ever: Why do people love their language peeves so dearly?

Freedom Of Speech? Nyet Policy

Freedom Of Speech? Nyet

By Joshua Rubenstein

In Moscow, the trial against three young punk rockers looks more like the Soviet Union than the “new Russia.” Joshua Rubenstein on the Pussy Riot controversy.

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