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Four Women, Four Votes: A Snapshot Of Election Day Election 2012

Four Women, Four Votes: A Snapshot Of Election Day

By Margot Livesey

From “any excuse to get out” to voting against “euthanasia” — Margot Livesey discovers that even among a like-minded bloc of elderly women, what drives people to the polls is almost always different and almost certainly surprising.

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Why I Am Voting For Scott Brown Mass. Senate

Why I Am Voting For Scott Brown

By Rob Gray

Scott Brown has a moderate voting record and deserves more time to cement his position as a centrist voice on our increasingly partisan national stage.

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Conservative Rage, Liberal Despair Politics

Conservative Rage, Liberal Despair

By Steve Almond

The era of hyper-partisanship in this country will only diminish when (and if) the ragers on the right start to become more self-critical, and the mopers on the left more outwardly courageous.

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Elizabeth Warren's Uphill Battle Mass. Senate

Elizabeth Warren's Uphill Battle

By John Sivolella

As election season enters its post-convention phase, the underlying reasons for Elizabeth Warren’s inertia have begun to emerge. John Sivolella says the bad news for Warren is that they’re not easy to correct.

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