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The Ukrainian Paradox Policy

The Ukrainian Paradox

By Jim Walsh

There is no doubt that Russia is in the wrong, but acting on justified moral offense rather than clear eyed strategic interest is more likely to increase the price we all pay.

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It’s Time For Real Spying Reform Law

It’s Time For Real Spying Reform

By Carol Rose and Jessie Rossman

Government surveillance programs are not just invasive; they threaten the foundation of democratic society.

A Bright Spot On An Anniversary From Hell Middle East

A Bright Spot On An Anniversary From Hell

By Neta Crawford

As we mark the 12th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, many assessments of the conflict are negative. But, Neta Crawford says, in its handling of civilian casualties, the U.S. military has made noteworthy progress.

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America’s Addiction To Violence Newtown

America’s Addiction To Violence

By Steve Almond

It would be dangerously naïve to attribute the carnage of Newtown — and the grim litany of others before it — as something entirely apart from us.

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