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Advocating For Tougher Gun Laws Guns

Advocating For Tougher Gun Laws

By John E. Rosenthal

Today on Beacon Hill, Gov. Patrick and Boston Mayor Menino make their cases for tougher gun laws. Also this week, recall elections in Colorado ousted two state senators who supported the state’s new gun restrictions.

Our Guns, Our Freedom Newtown

Our Guns, Our Freedom

By Margot Livesey

Some Americans seem confused about the word “freedom.” Laws do not constrain freedom; they enable it. Without laws none of us are free.

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America’s Addiction To Violence Newtown

America’s Addiction To Violence

By Steve Almond

It would be dangerously naïve to attribute the carnage of Newtown — and the grim litany of others before it — as something entirely apart from us.

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