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Kill The Oscars? Film/TV

Kill The Oscars?

By John Winters

Yes, the awards are out of step with the mainstream, but that’s good — and beside the point.

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The (Un)fortunate Timing Of ‘Unbroken’ Film/TV

The (Un)fortunate Timing Of ‘Unbroken’

By Sari Edelstein

It is difficult to swallow an easy binary between American freedom and totalitarian abuses when the film’s release occurred just weeks after the disclosure of the Senate report on CIA torture.

The Triumph Of The Trivial Life

The Triumph Of The Trivial

By John Winters

We live in a society where mass communication has become democratized to the point of meaninglessness.

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Pixel Pollution: A Screed Against Screens Media

Pixel Pollution: A Screed Against Screens

By Ethan Gilsdorf

We’ve gotten so used to seeing TV screens everywhere — taxis, gas stations, elevators, even bathrooms. It seems we’re never more than a foot or two away from our next media experience.

Hollywood's Greatest Years Film/TV

Hollywood's Greatest Years

By Betsy Sherman

Morally ambiguous. Sharp witted. Absurdist. Surprising. And unpredictable. Before a crackdown in 1934, commentator Betsy Sherman says a frisky and creative energy reigned supreme in Tinseltown.

NBC Is Missing The Gold Olympics 2012

NBC Is Missing The Gold

By E. M. Swift

Everybody loves the Olympics – so why don’t we get the exciting, imaginative television coverage these Games deserve?

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I Found It At The Movies Film/TV

I Found It At The Movies

By Aaron Beatty

TV is the new cinema — such is the prevailing sentiment of the time. But this casual acceptance of television’s coup-d’état as fact demands a little counter-programming.

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