Spying On Americans, Then And Now History

Spying On Americans, Then And Now

By Jim Borghesani

Forty years ago, the Church Committee probed into widespread — and illegal — spying on Americans. A look at the evolution of the public and political responses to government intrusions on its citizens’ privacy.

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Monica Lewinsky’s Second Act Celebrity

Monica Lewinsky’s Second Act

By Julie Wittes Schlack

The former White House intern’s emergence as an anti-cyber-bullying advocate illustrates both the healthy and dark sides of rewriting one’s narrative.

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Pixel Pollution: A Screed Against Screens Media

Pixel Pollution: A Screed Against Screens

By Ethan Gilsdorf

We’ve gotten so used to seeing TV screens everywhere — taxis, gas stations, elevators, even bathrooms. It seems we’re never more than a foot or two away from our next media experience.

Hollywood's Greatest Years Film/TV

Hollywood's Greatest Years

By Betsy Sherman

Morally ambiguous. Sharp witted. Absurdist. Surprising. And unpredictable. Before a crackdown in 1934, commentator Betsy Sherman says a frisky and creative energy reigned supreme in Tinseltown.

NBC Is Missing The Gold Olympics 2012

NBC Is Missing The Gold

By E. M. Swift

Everybody loves the Olympics – so why don’t we get the exciting, imaginative television coverage these Games deserve?

I Found It At The Movies Film/TV

I Found It At The Movies

By Aaron Beatty

TV is the new cinema — such is the prevailing sentiment of the time. But this casual acceptance of television’s coup-d’état as fact demands a little counter-programming.

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