Monica Lewinsky’s Second Act Celebrity

Monica Lewinsky’s Second Act

By Julie Wittes Schlack

The former White House intern’s emergence as an anti-cyber-bullying advocate illustrates both the healthy and dark sides of rewriting one’s narrative.

The Triumph Of The Trivial Life

The Triumph Of The Trivial

By John Winters

We live in a society where mass communication has become democratized to the point of meaninglessness.

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The Fact-Catcher In The Rye Books

The Fact-Catcher In The Rye

By Howard Gardner

As I read “Salinger,” I’m distracted by questions: What’s been truly verified? What’s a shrewd guess? What’s been made up out of thin air?


Celebrity And The Chef Celebrity

Celebrity And The Chef

By Joanne Chang

Chef Joanne Chang doesn’t consider herself a celebrity — but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t played one on TV. Still, the reluctant star wonders whether the rise of the “celebrity chef” is doing more harm than good.

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