Poem: Opening Day Red Sox

Poem: Opening Day

By Dick Flavin

The long snow-bound winter casts a dark pall … till one day an umpire hollers, “Play ball!”

Why Not The Yankees? Baseball

Why Not The Yankees?

By Chuck Tanowitz

It has now been determined: I’m a pox on the Sox. At least, I am when I buy the tickets.

3 Things We Can Learn From The 2013 Red Sox Red Sox

3 Things We Can Learn From The 2013 Red Sox

By Thomas Kochan

The team’s worst to first transformation in a trying time might give us clues on how to rebuild the U.S. economy and democracy into something that again makes us stand tall and proud as one.


Soundtrack Of The Diamond Family

Soundtrack Of The Diamond

By Sharon Brody

Just amble by a neighborhood ballpark on a muggy summer night. You’ll hear it: ritualized incantations of unwavering support. Together they create a chorus of positivity.

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