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Elaine Kamarck

Elaine Kamarck is a lecturer in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She has worked in five Democratic presidential campaigns, the Clinton/Gore White House and is the author of “Primary Politics: How Presidential Candidates have Shaped the Modern Nominating System.”

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Election 2012

Biden Delivers For The Democrats

By Elaine Kamarck

Time and time again, Elaine Kamarck says, the public saw why, in spite of a proclivity for putting his foot in his mouth, Biden was put on the ticket in the first place.

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Contemplating ‘What If’

By Elaine Kamarck

We like to think that things happen for a reason. But a new book reminds us that history unfolds thanks mostly to a healthy dose of chance.

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God, The Democrats & Bill Clinton

By Elaine Kamarck

If appealing to moderate voters is the key to Barack Obama’s victory this fall, commentator Elaine Kamarck says democratic strategists need to memorize Bill Clinton’s political playbook.

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Election 2012

Do Conventions Matter Anymore?

By Elaine Kamarck

Elaine Kamarck says that while modern conventions may be boring, they are not obsolete. After all, the delegates have the final say in who gets to run for president.

Election 2012

Why Romney Will Pick Portman

By Elaine Kamarck

Elaine Kamarck says Ohio Sen. Rob Portman would reinforce the image Mitt Romney has to pump up in order to beat President Obama – competence.