Ed Fouhy is the former news director and vice president of CBS News. He also served as ABC News vice president and Washington bureau chief and as executive producer for prime time news magazine programs at NBC News.

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Election 2012

A Viewer's Guide To Debates

By Ed Fouhy

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock — political debate season is in high gear. Ed Fouhy, the former executive producer of the Commission on Presidential Debates, tells us what to watch out for.


Why Newspapers Are Dying

By Ed Fouhy

Newspapers don’t need any more bad news. Unfortunately, thanks to a small and obscure federal agency, they just got some. Ed Fouhy breaks down the latest blow in their struggle for survival and asks, whither Boston journalism?


People Like Us

By Ed Fouhy

As the income gap rises, Americans will have a new type of segregation to reckon with. Commentator Ed Fouhy looks at the damaging cultural effects of segregation based on income.


Public Naming Rights — And Wrongs

By Ed Fouhy

Next stop, SpaghettiO’s station? The cash-strapped MBTA is considering selling naming rights for 11 stations. Not so fast, says Ed Fouhy.