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Climate Change. Challenges. Solutions.

Climate Change. Challenges. Solutions. is a special series presented by Cognoscenti and the School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs at Northeastern University. Each week we will focus on one critical aspect of climate change. Experts in that area will examine the issues from the perspectives of science, technology, policy, law and ethics. Join the conversation on Twitter at #OCNEU.

Latest by Climate Change. Challenges. Solutions.


Climate Change Series: The Role Of Transportation

By Stephanie Pollack and Al Biehler

It’s a vicious cycle: Our transportation systems emit greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. And in turn, climate change poses a huge threat to our transportation systems. What can we do?


Climate Change Series: Corporate Responsibility

By Mindy Lubber, Mark Buckley and Lee Kane

It’s one thing to try to reduce your own, personal carbon footprint. But what if you’re a giant multinational corporation? Three business leaders outline what their companies are doing.


Climate Change Series: The Governance Challenge

By Bill Moomaw and Sonia Hamel

Climate change is a thorny political issue. Some say without prompt action, the future is looking hot and dangerous. Others don’t even believe the threat is real, let alone urgent.


Climate Change Series: About

By Joan Fitzgerald and Iris Adler

With increasing reports of extreme weather and headlines about 2012 being the warmest year on record, climate change can no longer be ignored.