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Aaron Beatty

Aaron Beatty has worked as a freelance film critic since July 2004; he started with the Connecticut Valley Spectator and later moved to the Valley News, both newspapers based in New Hampshire.

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The 14 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen

By Aaron Beatty

Are you getting sick of the endless parade of summer blockbusters? Can’t take another superhero epic? This list of under-the-radar gems is the perfect antidote.

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Bottoms Up: This Year’s Worst Best Films

By Aaron Beatty

Picking through some of 2012’s most celebrated movies, says Aaron Beatty, is a troubling trip back. Three films stand out as bellwethers of the year’s disappointments.


I Found It At The Movies

By Aaron Beatty

TV is the new cinema — such is the prevailing sentiment of the time. But this casual acceptance of television’s coup-d’état as fact demands a little counter-programming.

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